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Our project was born out of a holiday trip to Niger in February 2005, organized by Ortoudo, whom we had met in Brussels in the summer of 2004.

Back in Belgium, we started with the idea of an "investment fund in camels", which became an instantaneous hit with our friends, while slowly developing the project as it exists today.

One year later we formalized our action by setting up an ASBL (non-profit organization).
Its governing board consists of :

  • Bernard Cardon de Lichtbuer (president and managing director)
  • Gérard van der Straten-Waillet
  • Marie-Claire d’Hoop (secretary)
  • Marie-Françoise De Munck
  • In Niger, the project is managed by Ortoudo Bermo, a natural leader who can speak for his community and with whom we developed a trusting relationship which allows us to do without costly intermediaries, using simple technologies adapted to the project's needs and based on local know-how.
    Ortoudo is the president of the "Association culturelle Kaouritel", whose goal is to promote the local culture and the population's well-being.
    He is also general treasurer of the syndicate Djingo.
    In September 2006 Ortoudo chaired the 3d General Assembly of the Wodaabe Fulani of Niger, which took place in Adjangafa.
    For the financial management and budget control, Ortoudo is seconded by Soumana Paté, who is director of CBM-Niger.

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